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A little backround information on this community:

THE IDEA: Was concieved in a Subway restaurant by three crazy girls in the downtown area of a suburban town.
THE NAME: Came from one of the crazy girls' comments on a picture of... guess what? Beatle bums!
THE GIRLS: We work by stage names... Kitty Pryde (beatlesexual), Violent Lennon (violentlennnon) and Macca Love.
WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT: THE BEATLES! The three girls mentioned above will post various comics of our favorite boys, tributes, pictures, fan fictions, poems and other Beatles media! Feel free to send one for us to put on there!!

1. Don't be mean to each other! No flame wars, Beatle bashing, user bashing or just being rude. Peace and love, peace and love!
2. If you want to submit something, please make sure it's about the Beatles.
3. We don't mind porn. But we're going to have to label it a "R" or "NC-17".
4. Don't hate on the Beatles wives just because they were married to one of the Beatles. Seriously, it's stupid. But... I guess it's okay to be just a little jealous... I know I am! :D
5. If you break any of these rules, you will be ignored or banished.

Much love!

--The Girls!

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